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of B2B Marketers say Lead Generation is their primary goal in a Sales Campaign


of Companies gets their purchase due to the overall nurtured Leads


of Businesses use the automated lead management software for qualifying their Leads


of Companies identify email to be a standard Lead Generation model for converting Sales


of Companies use their Landing Pages for nurturing new sales leads

About Chasm

The Chasm is a lead management software built to handle leads efficiently for a business. It is essentially through understanding the lead generations that businesses learn about the sales prospect for their products or services.

Enterprise Lead Management Application

The Chasm has the ability to record every leads and then track their behaviour to qualify them for further engagement with the sales teams. It is the Enterprise Lead Management Application that resolves the prevailing difficulties in automating the lead qualification process and then ensures to a sales transactions.

App Features

The Chasm is a cloud based lead management software that provides a dedicated access for the Web Administrators to qualifying the nurtured Leads. It provides Lead Tracking information for the sales team and eventually reduces the time spent on closing a deal.

Cloud Based

Easy Cloud based deployment for your Lead Management Software. Get all information about the lead generations through email, chat, web forms, social media etc.


Chasm offers sales team to customize the lead management process and further identifies the likelihood of a leads purchase on a product. This allow sales representative to communicate to a prospect for a sales closure.

Web Admin Access

A centralized access for the Web Admin to view all the captured leads and then qualify it for the best attention of the Sales Team.


A perfect lead management tool for securing the distribution of all leads and then create newer avenues for lead monetization.

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking feature enables sales team to quickly acquaint the best leads profile and then establish communication for a sales transaction or else issue a New Lead status.

Other Features

Our Lead Management Software provides the multiple user access with absolute flexibility levied on permission levels. Instant Push Notifications sent to Sales Team for handling the leads. It has an effective Reporting Tool for converting leads into customers.

How Application Works

A Lead Management Software is basically a tool to understand the leads for a product or service and then nourish leads to qualify it. This software allows enterprises to have all the business-specific features that segments the lead management process and enables Sales Team to convert Leads into a business.



Businesses necessarily require the help of the Automation for building a reliable Lead Management and Tracking process. This allows Sales Team to know about the potential leads and then enrich leads to customize them for a sale.



A Lead Management System allows business to secure their leads and distribute them for monetization. These customers get the opportunity to visit websites and then increase their likelihood of a purchase for enterprises.



Normally Business Leads comes in various forms including emails, chats, web forms etc., which can be captured internally in the Lead Management Software efficaciously. Easy rank the overall leads generated and thereafter prevent every form of lead leakages.



Easy sort the topmost lead scoring business and designate tasks to the right sales team to qualify leads as sales prospects. Each prospect is considered to be sales-ready and well suitable for conveying it to a sales representative.

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The Chasm is a versatile and powerful automated Lead Management Software that can qualify leads and allocate it to the right sales person for achieving higher productivity.

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